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Zstd implementation update for upcoming Linux kernel

As the Linux kernel increasingly supports the use of Zstd for various compression purposes, the current Zstd code in the kernel is obsolete and efforts so far to rebase it to the most Zstd state. close to the upstream were blocked. Fortunately, another attempt to update the Zstd code for the Linux kernel will be released soon.

There has been work on the Linux kernel to support Zstd compressed modules, Zstd compressed firmware, Zstd’ed kernel image and function as Btrfs Zstd file system compression. Zstandard is increasingly used in the open source ecosystem for its rapid decompression capabilities and overall design and performance.

As the kernel continues to use Zstd, the existing code in the kernel is out of date as Nick Terrell of Facebook’s Zstd has made efforts to update this code upstream and make it more auto-generated in the future, so the kernel implementation can stay closer to the upstream and in a more maintainable form. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a mess and the effort eventually stalled.

Fortunately, Nick Terrell share he is working on a new series of patches. He says he expects action on this front soon, potentially in time for the next kernel fusion window.

This in turn should put the kernel code in at least a Zstd 1.5 based state and in turn provide a nice kernel performance upgrade for features that exploit this compression algorithm. (See our Zstd compression benchmarks on

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