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Should I buy a Chromebook on Amazon Prime Day?

With Amazon Prime Day trading launching June 21-22, many may wonder if it’s time to consider the best Chromebooks for sale during the event. Hmm. apparatus.

However, if you’ve never owned a Chromebook before, it’s understandable that you might feel a little hesitant before you jump into one of these laptops. Chrome OS is not as functional as familiar Windows and Mac laptops. So when you spend hundreds of dollars on one of these Amazon Prime Days, you might be wondering what you are doing. Chromebook offers.

Chromebooks are generally optimistic, but not for everyone. There have been some major advancements over the past few years, but there are some things Chromebooks just can’t do, or at least don’t work. So if you are wondering if you should buy a Chromebook on Amazon Prime Day, it helps to see what you are looking for and if your Chromebook is the right device for your needs.

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Chromebooks are very light devices, and in many ways, they’re not one of them.

Chromebooks don’t have a lot of sturdy hardware, so they generally tend to be very portable laptops that are easy to carry in your bag on the go. Some are as thin as the best Ultrabooks on the market, but these form factors tend to be a bit more premium than most Chromebooks that focus on affordability.

The lack of rugged hardware also means that most Chromebooks seem fairly light in terms of specs. It’s not uncommon to see Chromebooks with 4GB of RAM, 64GB, and even 32GB of eMMC flash storage. Flash storage is pretty much the same technology as USB drives, so it’s not as fast as PCIe SSDs found on most laptops these days.

The display on many Chromebooks (mostly 11.6in models) is around 1365 x 768p in HD quality, but not the full 1080p found on almost all Windows laptops. Larger Chromebooks generally support 1080p displays, but you don’t have to look for something clearer than more premium Chromebooks. However, on an 11.6-inch screen, you don’t see the difference between 768p and 1080p resolutions, so don’t worry too much.

However, all that low-spec hardware is still enough to run Chrome OS. Chrome OS has nothing to do with the system overhead of Windows or macOS, so the experience of a typical computer task on a Chromebook is similar to that of a Windows or Mac laptop.

However, this is a problem when you start loading in the Chrome tab. Chrome is optimized for Chrome OS, but that’s enough. With only 4 GB of RAM, you will run into issues if you treat your Chrome browser like a laptop with 16 GB of RAM on your Chromebook. Place it in a forest of small tabs, not in the whole forest.

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Chromebooks rely heavily on good internet connectivity

Chromebooks were designed with cloud computing in mind. Google has a large data center that does everything from running productivity apps like Google Docs and Sheets to streaming AAA video games like Cyberpunk 2077 through Google Stadia.

With a fast and stable internet connection, you don’t need a high specification machine to run these apps locally. In short, it can be handled with much lower end hardware. This will allow manufacturers to make Chromebooks at such a low cost, making them very affordable devices.

The problem is you Please do not You have a fast and stable internet connection. This is unnatural for many people outside of major metropolitan areas such as New York and London. There’s still a lot you can do with a Chromebook without an internet connection, but its functionality is drastically reduced.

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Locally installed software is much more targeted

When it comes to apps installed locally on your Chromebook, you have a lot more options than when you first introduced them. Through the Google Play Store, you have access to the world’s largest app marketplace, the Chrome App Store, as well as the running Linux kernel and all the software available on the Linux command line.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Google Play Store, these apps weren’t designed for Chromebooks, but for Android smartphones or tablets. Running mobile phone apps can be awkward on Chromebooks, especially if the Chromebook isn’t a 2-in-1 with a touchscreen.

Additionally, mobile devices generally don’t have more powerful hardware than Chromebooks, so these apps are designed accordingly and aren’t as feature rich as you would normally find on a traditional computer. This means that locally installed productivity apps don’t have as many bells and whistles as they once did, and the vast majority of apps available are single-function apps like basic ToDo checklists and PDF readers. Will be.

However, this more targeted approach is not a bad thing. You might just need a checklist app, as this functionality is usually handled by built-in tools on Windows or macOS. If you don’t like or need these tools, it’s much harder to keep up with them on a traditional laptop than a Chromebook.

Acer Chromebook

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Should I buy a Chromebook on Amazon Prime Day?

Hope you have a better understanding of what your Chromebook does and if it can do what your laptop needs. If you must run dedicated, comprehensive software like Adobe Photoshop, you can be sure that your options are available through the cloud or in the app market accessible to your Chromebook. However, these options may or may not meet your needs, so you really need to consider your specific software needs and find out if your Chromebook can meet them.

If you are only looking for light computing tasks, video streaming and conferencing, productivity tasks, web browsing, etc., most common Windows and Mac laptops are actually a bit overkill. If you use your laptop to check emails, watch the best Netflix shows and blogs, a Windows laptop with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of super-fast storage is much more than a regular Chromebook. It costs money, but it is rarely used.

If your Chromebook looks like what you’re looking for, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime Day deals on Chromebooks are some of the best you can find all year round, so there’s no time to buy.

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