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State University System of Florida launches MyFloridaFuture

MyFloridaFuture is an exciting new interactive tool designed to help students and families make more informed decisions about post-secondary education options in the Florida State University system. House Bill 1261, passed by the Florida legislature 2021 and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, called on the state university system’s board of governors to develop a free, […]

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Always the top: Linux Mint 20.3 is the best Linux desktop

I have been using Linux desktop distributions for almost 30 years. Recently, I’ve reviewed many of the best Linux desktop distros for newbies and experts. Then I spent the last few days looking at the latest version of Linux Mint 20.3, “Una”. And, once again, Linux Mint is the best desktop distro for newcomers and […]

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How to install and configure Sublime Text on Linux

Sublime Text is a source code editor that supports various markup and programming languages. It offers features like command palette, goto any, autocomplete, snippets, and plugins, among others, and works on all major platforms including Linux, macOS, and Windows. . If you, too, are a Sublime Text user and miss your recent Linux switch to […]

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Brave browser unable to drag and rearrange tabs after v1.34.80 update

If you’ve had enough of Chrome and are looking for a free open source, there are only a handful of browsers available on the internet. One of them is the recently released Brave browser. Developed by Brave Software Inc., it is a privacy-focused browser that includes a built-in ad blocker and website tracking blocker. While […]

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How to Perform Security Audits on Linux Using Lynis

Whether you are an administrator or a Linux user, having a secure server or PC should be a top priority. Although Linux is a secure operating system, it is also susceptible to attacks or security holes just like other operating systems. In this guide, you will learn how to audit and find security vulnerabilities and […]

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The 8 Major Linux Distributions That Have Adopted Flatpak

In a market dominated by high-end operating systems with dedicated off-the-shelf (COTS) software, Linux users have to settle for open source variants of these high-end applications. And a distribution independent way of distributing such software on Linux is Flatpak. This is why flatpak packages are quickly becoming the buzzword among users of a Linux-based stack. […]

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How to install Composer on Ubuntu 22.04 | 20.04 LTS

Learn the commands to install and use the PHP Composer Package Manager on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy or Ubuntu 20.04 Focal fossa. Composer can be used to manage your packages, download new packages, and update existing packages. What is PHP Composer? Composer is an application-oriented package manager for PHP released under an open source MIT license. […]

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How to downgrade from the December patch on your Pixel 6

Unfortunately, the December 2021 update for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro caused some notable issues, but you may have updated before the update was pulled. Due to signal issues and other issues, you may want to downgrade your Pixel 6 from the December 2021 update to the November 2021 patch, at least until the […]

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Canonical reworks Snap app packages on Linux

Snap is a software packaging and distribution platform for Linux developed by Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux. Snap apps are more portable than traditional Linux software, and most of them are containerized to avoid some common security concerns. However, Snap has a lot of issues as well, which could be the reason Canonical is […]

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Linux Mint 20.3: here’s what’s new

The Linux Mint team has started shipping the final stable ISO images of Linux Mint 20.3 to their distribution network. The final version comes weeks after the release of beta versions of Linux Mint 20.3. Read on to find out what’s new and changed in the new versions of the popular Linux distribution. Linux Mint […]