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Comparison of Linux and Mesa drivers for Intel Core i5 12600K / UHD Graphics 770

Earlier this month I provided benchmarks showing the Intel UHD Graphics 770 with Alder Lake compared to other CPU / APUs on Linux. These tests were performed with the latest open source Intel Linux graphics driver code at the time, but for those running Alder Lake and wondering if it’s worth upgrading from stable versions to more advanced components, this item is for you.

Today’s article examines the UHD Graphics 770 performance of the Intel Core i5 12600K when running out of the box on Ubuntu 21.10 versus various combinations of Linux kernel and Mesa upgrade for the new Iris Galluum3D (OpenGL) and ANV Vulkan Conductors.

Ubuntu 21.10 out of the box uses Linux 5.13 and Mesa 21.2. This stock combination on Ubuntu 21.10 is sufficient to run Alder Lake graphics, assuming you are using the kernel parameter “i915.force_probe = 4680”. Without this force_probe option, there is no accelerated graphics on Linux kernel versions prior to Linux 5.16 development.

This original Ubuntu 21.10 configuration was then compared to upgrading to Mesa 22.0-devel via the Oibaf PPA while keeping the default Ubuntu 21.10 kernel, upgrading to Linux 5.15 stable while running Mesa 22.0 -devel from the Oibaf PPA, then finally running Linux 5.16-rc1 Git as the very last kernel code when running Mesa 22.0-devel. Basically, testing shows whether it’s worth upgrading to a newer Linux kernel and / or Mesa compared to stock packages from last month’s Ubuntu 21.10 release.

All testing, of course, was done from the same Core i5 12600K system with a variety of graphics / games and Vulkan compute benchmarks. The reported clock rate differences for the processor boil down to erroneous reports from the kernel on versions prior to 5.15, but actually running at stock speeds throughout. Here are the results with some notable changes.

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