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Microsoft Edge Stable released for Linux

Microsoft has released the first stable version of the new Microsoft Edge web browser for Linux. When Microsoft announced the switch to a Chromium-based web browser in late 2018, it confirmed that the new Edge would be available for additional platforms. The classic version of Microsoft Edge was only released for Windows 10, and this […]

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Firefox 94 to start using EGL on Linux – Better performance, lower power consumption

Mozilla Firefox 94 will begin using its EGL backend on the Linux desktop in conjunction with supported graphics drivers to provide better performance, lower power consumption, and other benefits. Firefox has long preferred GLX to EGL on Linux, but now that EGL support has stabilized for some time and there are compelling reasons to use […]

Linux Kernel

Build an open source Allwinner D1s RISC-V Linux SBC for under $ 10

We covered the Allwinner D1s RISC-V processor with 64MB of built-in RAM a few days ago, and just found out Xassette-Asterisk, an open-source, processor-based hardware card that runs Linux (OpenWrt) and would cost less than $ 10 to manufacture. It’s significantly cheaper than the Allwinner D1-based Nezha RISC-V Linux SBC currently selling for just over […]

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Google Releases Urgent Chrome Update To Fix Actively Exploited 0-Day Bugs

Google on Thursday rolled out an emergency update to its Chrome web browser, including fixes for two zero-day vulnerabilities that it says are actively exploited in the wild. Track as CVE-2021-38000 and CVE-2021-38003, the weaknesses relate to insufficient validation of untrusted input in a feature called Intents as well as a case of improper implementation […]

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Codenotary: notarize and verify your software nomenclature

Solarwinds’ software supply chain attack is one that everyone is familiar with. But supply chain attacks are becoming commonplace, and that’s bad news. Efforts are underway, such as the Linux Foundation’s Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX) project, which provides transparency and improves compliance for software nomenclature (SBOM). But, we need SBOM now. As President Joseph […]