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CFPB settles with FinTech company for shuttering deal, pays $100,000 | PC Weiner Brodsky Kider

The CFPB recently obtained approval from a fintech company to settle its lawsuit with the company terminating all loans and lending services and paying a $100,000 fine. The company announced on its website that it was “no longer lending or servicing loans” and that “all outstanding debts have been canceled and no collection attempts will […]

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How to Add a GUI Package Manager to Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Source: Windows Central Now that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) can easily use GUI apps in Windows 11, you might be looking to branch out a bit from the command line. If you’re still fairly new to Linux, you might find the GUI a bit more welcoming and comfortable to use if you’re a […]

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Manjaro vs EndeavourOS: An In-Depth Comparison

If you’ve ever tried using Arch Linux, you know it’s nearly impossible to install without proper documentation and Linux knowledge. That’s the charm of Arch Linux, actually. But since Arch Linux is on the expert end of the Linux distro spectrum, there are several Arch-based distros that try to make things easier for ordinary people. […]

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Akamai Comments on the National Security Council and White House Open Source Software Security Summit

Emphasizes the need for visibility, containment and information sharing, calls for increased industry support to strengthen the security of open source software CAMBRIDGE, Mass., January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Akamai Technologies, Inc. logo (PRNewsfoto/Akamai Technologies, Inc.) Government and industry should prioritize investments in tools and technologies that can help increase the visibility of open source […]

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Exclusive right to sell: a guide

Other types of listing agreements An exclusive right of sale contract is not the only option available. Here are a closer look at some of the other options. Open the ad Open listings provide the most opportunities for the home buyer. With an open listing, the owner is allowed to place listings with more than […]

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Ubuntu Linux 22.04 will be faster than ever on Raspberry Pi computers

The Raspberry Pi series of single board computers are perhaps the most popular Linux PCs of all time, thanks to their super low prices, educational resources, and versatility. Early models didn’t perform as well as desktops, due to low-power processors and limited RAM, but newer iterations (like the Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM) are […]

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How to install the Vivaldi browser on AlmaLinux | Rocky linux 8

Learn the commands to install Vivaldi browser on AlmaLinux 8 or RHEL-based Rocky Linux 8 using the command terminal. Vivaldi is an interesting alternative to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other popular browsers. And like most other web browsers, this one is also available for Linux. Vivaldi’s USP is that it delivers a refreshing experience instead […]

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Mint signs partnership with Mozilla and restores Firefox settings to default • The Register

The Linux Mint distribution has been busy. Not only did he push version 20.3, it is also announcement an agreement with Mozilla, i.e. the vanilla Mozilla versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. It is very difficult to estimate the relative popularity of Linux distributions. Other than a few paid corporate distros, these are all free downloads […]

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How to change the configuration of running Docker containers – CloudSavvy IT

Docker containers are generally treated as immutable once they start to run. However, you can dynamically update some configuration settings, such as the container name and its hardware resource limits. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the built-in Docker commands to change selected settings of running containers. We’ll also take a look […]